The day of my accident began normally, with the early morning sun poking holes through the makeshift shade my husband rigged up the night before. Daylight came early in Honduras so no alarm clock was needed to get us up and going.

Our missions team had come to minister to the children of LaCeiba, and I couldn’t wait to get back to those little faces. Because of the glaring rays bouncing off the window panes, I had to squint to distinguish objects below. Suddenly the lyrics to a familiar song framed the scene.

“T​he sun comes up; it’s a new day dawning; it’s time to sing your song again; whatever may pass and whatever lies before me… let me be singing when the evening comes.”

My mind quietly rehearsed this song as I walked across the room to pick up my journal. Jotting down the words to remind me that no matter what was behind or before, I wanted to always have a song. Never did I imagine the “​whatever lies before me​” of this day. Even though my intentions were good, who knew if I’d really be singing ​when the evening came​?

My Evening

Even before I was pulled up off the ground, I wondered ​why​ it happened. Lying flat on my back surrounded by the poverty of a developing world country, no song came. With morphine dulling the pain and facing the fact that my hip was truly broken, it made it worse that I was thousands of miles from home. Sobbing, gut wrenching cries helped release some of the fears of my future well-being. Doubts haunted me. ​

Hadn’t we prayed for protection?​ ​

How could this happen​ on a mission trip?

These were questions I had to settle in my heart and mind.

So, in the midst of the pain. In the midst of the confusion. In the midst of the challenges…it was up to me to believe He was still my Protector. Even though I questioned His attributes at that moment, I had to go back to what I knew was true. ​My situation did not change His character. He was still the same God He was before the accident.

As darkness encompassed that Honduran hospital room so far from the comforts of home, I was reminded, “​Whatever may pass or whatever lies before me,​ ​ let me be singing when the evening comes.​”

My Story

A mission trip with One Child Matters was cut short by a broken hip. Why I may never know. There were days of pain, surgery and therapy. Family and friends camped out by my side. Prayer support kept me going. I eventually learned to walk again and the pain is but a memory now. But I never want to forget those moments when my faith was shaken. When I had to remind myself of Truth.

Your Story

I don’t know what your “evening” has brought you. You may be walking through the darkest days of your life, much worse than anything I have described here. But whatever has passed and whatever lies before you, may I encourage you to go back to what you know.

He is still the same ​no matter what! ​

He is still your Protector.

He is still your Provider.

He will still be your Stability when the evening comes.