Faith and Work

Worshipping God is Simple

As humans we tend to have this strong lean towards making everything complicated, but I feel like the Lord is constantly reminding me, and us, that things are so much simpler than they seem. The Gospel itself is so much simpler than it seems. We just make it hard & complex. And, in the same way, we often make worshipping God a lot more complex than it needs to be too, when really, it’s simple. 

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Rest & Reset

Gospel theology must transform work theology for the Christian. We have financial needs – requirements such as bills, tuition, and groceries that need to be covered. With workism knocking at the door of our needs, how can we manage the tension of resting effectively while still meeting these needs for ourselves & our families? 

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In episode 10, we got to define Business as Mission. BAM is defined as, “the intentional integration of business and ministry to create a sustainable presence of the Kingdom of God in a particular community.”

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