Faith and Work

Retire To Something

In this episode, we learned about the concept of retirement. Not from our typical Western perspective, but rather from a place of understanding that work is not the enemy, that we aren’t just running to the finish line, and that retirement actually isn’t in the Bible! 

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Often cast as the enemy of all small businesses, elementary schools, and after school programs, the businessman has been portrayed as the greedy Hollywood antihero for decades. However, this unfortunate representation of business, and its leaders, is merely a reflection of its counterfeit image.

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Work Theology 101 

In Episode Four of the Missional Marketplace Podcast, we learned the foundations of a good work theology. Erik & Darren unpack what a basic work theology looks like from a Christian perspective and give some insight on how we can live out our lives missionally with this new perspective. 

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A Sacred-Secular Divide?

Amy took the practical tools we learned from Erik & Darren today and applied them to her local community. She saw value in people, saw a need in her community, and set about pairing those things up to create something fresh for the people around her. She has embodied what it looks like to accelerate the Great Commission through the marketplace – exactly what the Stone Table stands for. 

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Being a Leader in the Long Game

Leadership is about both the short game and the long game but, frankly, the latter is so much more challenging. The leadership long game is too often filled with gut punches, bruises, seasonal doubts, frustration, tears, confusion, and more. It is true, sometimes we need to let go of an idea and move on…progress to something different. 

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Work and Rest 

Workism may drive us to the brink of collapse, but rest keeps us in touch with the healing power of God’s peace. Workism may exhort a striving for success, recognition, and more work, but the Bible exhorts us to strive to enter God’s rest. 

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