After a few long years of pandemic-restricted travel, I’m getting back into a more regular cycle of visiting many of the people and places we are privileged to support. I wish I could share more stories in this online format, but suffice it to say – God was not slowed by lockdowns and social distancing. He continues to pursue His image bearers and write His story of redemption and restoration around the world.

Missions work is viewed cynically in some circles (I believe ignorantly so), often because of stale caricatures of crusades and colonialism. It’s led many to avoid or redefine the Great Commission into more modern, socially palatable expressions. Yes, we bring the restorative “good” of the Kingdom “on earth as it is in heaven” wherever we go, but we must go! Not to export our culture, but to proclaim the name of the only One capable of ultimately healing every culture.

This week we visited with persecuted believers and witnessed the baptism of a beloved brother from an unreached people group. It’s in these moments one thing becomes so beautifully clear:

The Gospel doesn’t homogenize people and cultures, it resurrects them. It doesn’t make us all the same, it makes us fully alive. Sin separated a gloriously colorful and diverse creation from the Creator, and Jesus is pursuing, repairing, and restoring that breach. Whenever I have the privilege of traveling, I’m reminded again and again that Jesus is at work all over His world redeeming every nation, tribe, and tongue to himself. And He’s called us to join him.

It’s not the “Great Suggestion,” it’s a commission, a calling, a command. Let’s go.

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