“BAM is recapturing something old, not creating something new.” Hear from Erik Cooper as he explains business as mission is not a gimmick. It’s the real deal, and we expect to see more and more of it as the days unfold, and we see the Great Commission fulfilled.


“We had the honor over the last month or so to travel around and talk to some various pastors and business leaders about the concept of business as mission and why we believe that it’s so important.

I think there’s this tendency to think of business as mission or BAM as we like to call it as this kind of cute, little boutique, trendy momentary, you know gimmick, in our misology; and I think what I really want people to understand is that we’re recapturing something old, not creating something new and certainly not something cute or trendy.

Business as mission is valid and vital for the Great Commission on so many levels because the marketplace is actually the perfect mechanism for the gospel to move back and forth in a local community.

My friend Dick Brogden likes to say that without business we don’t have the ability often as missionaries to create replicable relationships, replicable relationships that happen through the marketplace through business transactions that allowed those gospel conversations to flow naturally plus business itself becomes a value add to a local community adding jobs and meeting needs that are seen as vital and helpful to the people that were trying to reach with the gospel

and so if you’re wondering about business as mission what it is, how it works we would encourage you to explore that right here on this website through our work at The Stone Table through what our friends are doing through Discover BAM or through the BAM conference but to understand that business as mission is really a re-capturing of an old approach that God owns everything including the marketplace and that we can utilize business not just as a way to get visas or a way to trick countries into allowing missionaries in but as a way to add true value to create replicable conversations and relationships and to bring the whole Kingdom to a community in a way that allows us to then proclaim the gospel so business as mission is not a gimmick, it’s the real deal and we expect to see more and more of it as the days unfold and we see the Great Commission fulfilled.”