Who could predict the longevity of a pink frosted donut with sprinkles? A tradition that began when our son was four continues today with his four-year-old daughter. A weekly trip to Dunkin’ Donuts was a highlight in the late 80’s when donuts were made on-site. The aroma of freshly-baked pastry lingered for blocks. A beautiful hispanic family rose in the early morning hours to create the kind of donuts that melted on your tongue and soothed your soul with every mouthful. It was a special time for dad and his boy who were served coffee and chocolate milk in matching mugs.

The donut of choice: pink frosted with sprinkles.

When the owners got wind of our son’s fourth birthday, they baked him a giant-size donut as a special surprise. It was a day our son never forgot. In fact, all those mornings with Dad at the donut shop were forever engraved on his heart. It wasn’t just the delicious donut, mind you. It was that one-on-one time with his father. Picking up a mug of milk mimicking Dad’s coffee. Listening to funny stories. Laughing and learning together. The work of parenting a little boy on swiveling bar stools was what made the donut sacred.

Fast forward to when our son became a dad. He couldn’t wait until his daughter was old enough for donuts. Most Saturday mornings, you can follow their Instagram posts at the local Dunkin’. And the favorite donut of choice just happened to become the pink frosted with sprinkles. Just like her Daddy. All his friends looked forward to the weekly posts of Dad and Daughter together. In fact, so popular were the posts that they had an array of them laser engraved on a wooden plaque to keep their memories alive.

Recently, the local Dunkin’ got some bad publicity and a tv reporter was assigned to cover the story. After knocking on doors to no avail, he just happened to see our son and granddaughter pulling into their driveway. The timing was unbelievable and totally random. As he approached them, he called out…

“Have you ever eaten at the Dunkin’ Donut across the street, sir?”

Uh, was this a trick question? Had the man followed him on Instagram​? “Why, yes, sir, all the time.”

When the reporter learned of the tradition of the pink donut, he knew he had hit the jackpot of journalism. He couldn’t believe his luck. He turned the bad publicity into a human interest story. A real feel-good piece that warmed the heart and brought tears to the eye. With pictures proving it was all true, he was able to show our son with his dad in the original Dunkin’, and then with his daughter. Carrying on the tradition that started nearly 30 years before. Who doesn’t love a good story?

Especially one that brings a dad and his son together. A father pouring into his child’s life over a donut because that’s what his dad did for him. It’s sacred because a meaningful tradition that shaped your own life is what you want for your daughter too.

A reporter happening upon our son in his driveway was a random occurrence. But as a child of God, I don’t believe anything is a coincidence. I’m not sure what will become of our son and granddaughter getting their faces on the news...other than free donuts for a year! But I do know it brought joy to our family’s hearts. It reminded us of the value of intentional time together. Of the importance of traditions to keep the generations close. Of the influence a parent has on a child’s life. We hear that all work is sacred. The work of parenting is especially so.

So maybe that’s why we call that little pink donut sacred.