Her tag read Emily, MD but she looked like Jesus.

At our first meeting she sat down right next to me, she looked me in the eyes and said start from the beginning. I’m pretty sure my mouth fell open because she was at the long list of physicians I had seen in 12 months and for the first time someone was listening.

I could see it in her eyes that she genuinely cared. She listened for nearly 2 hours. When we got to the end she leaned in and gently said, “I see you, I hear you and there is hope that we can help you get better.” With tears in her eye’s she reached out and gave me a hug.

In that tiny patient room, one winter day, I saw Jesus…


Here name is Sarah and she is always ready with a big grin and a friendly “how is your day today” for all who enter her checkout line. Sarah is in her early 30’s and bounces around the grocery store like she was made for it. Every customer she encounters is met with the same joy and sincerity.

Even my kids love going to Sarah’s line even if that means we have to wait. When Sarah looks at you and asks how you are it is with deep sincerity in her eyes. It only seems right to respond with a sincere answer rather than some pretend platitude.

On this day when Sarah asked how I was, I was honestly really tired and so that’s what I told her. (As if the disheveled mom look wasn’t already giving that away) As soon as I uttered the words she stopped, looked up at me and she said, “I can only imagine, taking care of these young kids must be a lot of work but I am sure you are doing a great job.” She didn’t quit there; Sarah asked my name and told me she would pray for me.

Sarah in her peaceful, genuine and joyful demeanor in a job that is often thankless and exhausting looks like Jesus…


He was a homeschooled, brainiac, sports loving, Boilermaker. Although the signs that Cancer had taken its physical toile on his body were easy for the eye to see when you looked at Tyler Trent you only saw Jesus. Tyler, 20, who fought cancer 3 separate times, made it his life’s mission to use his battle to glorify God. He lived by the verse, 1 Thessalonians 5:16”

Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.

In Tyler’s passing many marveled at how upon being diagnosed a second time with bone cancer he vowed that this time he would not waste it! He would let God use and be glorified in his cancer! Use it he did…sports casters, national media, famous athletes, politicians and countless others began flocking to this 20 year old to meet him, to spend time in his space and to thank him. Why? What was so different about this college kid from any other around the globe fighting cancer?

Tyler Trent…well He looked just like Jesus.

I’ve been looking for Jesus in my day and as I’ve opened my eyes I can see him all over. Timothy Keller puts it in a wonderful way,

The very definition of a Christian is someone who not only admires Jesus, emulates Jesus, and obeys Jesus, but who “rests in the finished work of Christ” instead of his or her own.

You see the thing is, these individuals are just seemingly normal people who have allowed themselves to be used for the glory of Christ. They have chosen to emulate Jesus, no matter what their work is. After all, isn’t that we see time and time again in the gospel? We find ordinary people, (farmers, shepherds, slaves, adulterers, murderers, prostitutes, tax collectors) leaning in, failing big but in it all magnifying their savior!


And I wonder…. When people look at me and my life, my work, my actions do I look like Jesus? Oh Lord, in spite of all of my immense flaws and failures may my life only magnify and glorify his name. May the work of my hands that you have blessed me with be a vessel for me to emulate you!

As Tyler Trent ended his time here on earth penned these words that have encouraged me in the past few weeks, “I want to leave a legacy of what the Lord can do when you allow him to work. There’s always enough time in the day to bring glory to God. If you don’t have time, start making time. We don’t know how many days we have left.”

Let’s make the time friends, TODAY, to look like Jesus!