I’ve had some jobs I hated. I worked in the mailroom at a record label when I was in college (not exactly the music career I envisioned). I worked as an entry level auditor in my early 20s, mindlessly vouching endless samples of invoices and doing end-of-the-year inventory counts in freezing cold warehouses (not exactly my idea of high finance).Some jobs are easier to find purpose in than others. But as a follower of Jesus, we have this extra layer of gospel meaning we are searching for as well. How does this impact the way we make a living?

You’re a Christian. You work in the marketplace. Your faith is vitally important to your everyday life. And so you ask yourself a question: How does my faith fit into my work story? This is a good quesiton. A noble question. But I believe it’s also a foundationally flawed question.

I think there’s a better one: What role does my everyday work play in God’s story? This question reframes the whole discussion in a powerfully redemptive way. We aren’t main characters in a story we are writing about ourselves. We are beloved members of the supporting cast in a divine narrative God has been writing since the beginning of time.

Do you want more meaning and purpose for your day job? Embed your story in God’s Great Story.

We explore this Great Story of God in Episode 3 of the Missional Marketplace Podcast. We walk from Genesis to Revelation in about 20 minutes, so buckle up and come join us! I hope it encourages and inspires you.

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