Theology is so much more than just the academic study of religion. Our theology has a tangible impact on every aspect of our lives, even if we’re completely oblivious to it. You have a theology of work. You might not be able to articulate it, but you definitely have one.

For the longest time, my work theology was more assumed than taught. I believed that work was the result of The Fall, that Adam and Eve screwed up paradise and we all got stuck with a mediocre 8-5 as part of their punishment. (Thanks a lot guys).

So work became this thing I just had to endure (because I wasn’t “called” to be in ministry) so I could support my family until Jesus comes back and finally banishes this thing called work to hell with the devil and all his minions. I’m sure some of you would like to send your job there now.

What if I told you many of the things you believe about your everyday work aren’t biblical at all? What would happen if you reframed your theology of work around the truth? Would it solve all your job-related problems? Nope. We still live with the “thorns and thistles” sin produced in this world. But it would undoubtedly give you a renewed picture of what your everyday work can be this side of eternity.

Theology of Work 101 is the subject of Episode 4 of the Missional Marketplace Podcast out today! Come hang out with us for 30 minutes and see if any of these theological perspectives blow your mind the way they blew mine.

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