Last week on social media, I shared a Twitter thread from well-known Christian author and speaker, Beth Moore. In the wake of the Will Smith Oscar breakdown and the news of yet another high-profile minister who was losing his ministry to impropriety, she passionately tweeted the following. I’m going to share it in its entirety because I think it’s really important:

“Humans were not fashioned by God for celebrity. We can’t take it, I’m telling you. It’s too much. To be greatly adored or greatly abhorred either one is crazy-making & both attend celebrity. A lot of celebrities crash but all of them crack. We’re craving our own public breakdown.

If God lends you an audience for the gospel—&, mind you, it will just be lent, not kept—keep your head down, keep mature people around you who can tell you when you’re an idiot, prepare to be humbled constantly & submit to it. And do not—I say again—do not make crowds your god. It’s idolatry.

Don’t clamor for big numbers. And don’t kid yourself that bigger is better for the sake of the gospel. That’s bull. We do the lifting up of Jesus. God does the drawing. Just serve as faithfully as you know how. Repent regularly. Ride the waves & long for the shore.

Nobody gets out unbloodied. Cling to your Healer. Know when you need stitching up. Don’t crave what will kill your character. If God entrusts you with a crowd, refuse to play to it. That’s what sucks a once-faithful servant into the crazy-making quicksand of celebrity syndrome.”

–Beth Moore, March 30, 2022

It’s easy (and maybe even a little enjoyable) to point a condescending finger at celebrity culture failures, but there’s a message in here for all of us. You don’t have to be rich, famous, and adored by millions to fall victim to the siren’s song of celebrity. Unchecked power, adoration, and influence of any kind, big or small, can lead to disastrous consequences for image bearers of our Creator. We were made to point to God, not to be gods.

Who are you submitted to? Who can tell you when you’re acting like a fool? Who reminds you that you are not the hero of the story? These are worthwhile questions for all of us.

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