We Can Rest

March 22, 2018
By: Ericka Bethel
When we are lost in the striving and the realization that we will never be enough, in walks the Author to remind us that we were never mean't to be. Our lives are part of a grander story than we could ever write on our own.

She was yelling at me. It was 6:45am, we were rushing to get ready for school and my four year old was yelling.

Tears fell and her tiny body shook, she looked up at me and with a quiver in her small voice said, “I can’t do everything you are asking me to do.”

The things I was asking her seemed easy to me but these 10 words stopped me in my tracks.

In that moment, I saw myself. Fragile, tired and overwhelmed, this is often how I come to God. It seems as though the demands of life are just too much. I run to Him tears in my eyes, quiver in my voice, “I can’t do everything you are asking me to do.”

I am called: wife, mother, daughter, sister, professional, church member, friend. What I am finding is that I have been living as though these are the roles that define me. I live many days as if these titles define my worth and even dare I say… my glory. I have been tirelessly striving to do all of these things with excellence and make it to the end of most days exhausted with the realization I’ve done none of them well.

I reach my end, fist clenched, tears in my eyes, frustrated because I am not enough. The truth is, I was never made to be.

In walks my Father, the author, gently reminding me that these are all roles I have been given but they are part of a larger story. A much grander one than I could ever write on my own. I have flipped the script and I was never given the right to do so. I am not the author; the glory in my roles He has given me was never made for me. It was made for Him! Oh Lord, forgive me.

The Author lovingly reminds me:
“On God rests my salvation and my glory; my mighty rock, my refuge is God.”
Psalm 62:7

The striving is over friends. When we run to our refuge and our mighty rock there we will find our salvation and our glory, in Christ alone. Oh, the relief when we relinquish control to the author who deserves all the glory.

We can rest!

He is writing a beautiful story and has invited us to be a part.


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