VIDEO: To The Pastors

by | Nov 8, 2021 | Church, Resources, Videos

I just wanted to take a second and talk to all of my pastor friends out there today. You know, I spent 12 years in full time ministry and really, I think over this this last year and a half, have felt such a pull and a longing to encourage my pastor friends because I think this season of COVID and 2020, and now into 2021, has been one of the most difficult seasons to be a leader of any kind but especially a spiritual leader in our polarized world where everything seems to create conflict even within the context of our local churches. And so, as a guy who used to be a pastor, who used to lead in a local church context, and now has found myself in the marketplace working with pastors and working with churches, I just want to encourage all my pastor friends out there today. You know, when I get the opportunity to speak on occasion at local churches and one of the things that always I guess gets stirred up in me as I step onto the platform is this idea of you know are people going to connect with this, are people going to resonate with this, did I write a good sermon, are these thoughts actually going to be helpful to people. And I think something that’s really helped me, and I just want to encourage all of you who preach week in and week out, there is no bad sermon. There is no bad sermon that leaves people looking at Jesus. And so, whatever we do, whatever we talk about, whatever we say, whatever we put on a podcast or post online or preach from a pulpit, I just want to encourage pastors just keep pointing us to Jesus. Just keep pointing us to the hero of the story. And as you try to navigate all of the minutiae dealing with local congregations and local congregational life, just know we are grateful for you. We’re grateful for what you do; for the way you pour out and serve and wash feet. And I know some days it’s tough. Some days it’s really, really tough and I just want to encourage you. Leave us looking at Jesus, leave us looking at the hero of the story, and we are grateful for each and every one of you.

Erik Cooper

After starting his career in the business world, Erik spent 12 years in full-time ministry, both on staff at a large suburban church and as a church planter in a downtown urban context. In addition to his role at The Stone Table, he also serves as the Vice President of Community Reinvestment Foundation, a nonprofit real estate company that provides high-quality affordable housing all over Indiana while investing its profits into missions through The Stone Table.

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