VIDEO: Is It Possible To Find Meaning In Our Daily Work?

by | Oct 26, 2018 | Faith and Work, Resources, Videos

Is It Possible To Find Meaning In Our Daily Work?

This week Erik Cooper, The Stone Table President, shares that after speaking on Faith and Work with a number of churches, pastors, and business leaders, they all echoed the same idea: they want their work to be meaningful.

Is it possible to find meaning in our work? If so, how do we do so? Let’s take a listen as Erik shares what he has learned on his journey of understanding the meaning of work.


Darren Cooper

After spending years on the creative staffs at multiple churches and even starting a business of his own, Darren joined The Stone Table team to help in all things creative. He is also a producer and composer and loves to speak through the medium of music. Find out more at darrencoopermusic.com.

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