I’ve never been connected to more people in my life. Social media has made it possible for me to peer into the lives of old friends I haven’t seen since 10th grade, connect behind the scenes with inspiring leaders I like to follow, even message missionaries in realtime from the other side of the globe.

Technology has made at least an aspect of connection easy. Just click the “friend” or “follow” button, and boom, we’re connected! So why does research say most of us feel more alone than ever before?


Email and texting may have made daily interaction more efficient, and Zoom video conferencing does its best to mimic a face-to-face encounter, but there is still nothing like physically being in the presence of other human beings. It moves us past simple information exchanges into real, God-designed, in the flesh human interaction.

We were designed to be in physical proximity with other people.

We feel that more than ever at The Stone Table. So many hear about our work and the work of our sister company, Community Reinvestment Foundation, and eagerly ask, “are you hiring?” Over the years. I’ve learned most of these people aren’t asking for a job at an affordable housing company. What they’re really saying is that they want to work in an environment with other people who believe like they do, people that have shunned the heretical sacred/secular divide and believe their faith and their work belong together.

We want to make that possible.

New Beginnings

For four years, we have been praying and dreaming about the creation of a collaborative, faith-filled marketplace environment. Now it has the chance to become a reality on a beautiful campus at Perry Crossing in Plainfield, Indiana.

A place where existing, Kingdom-minded businesses can work in proximity with one another.

A place where new missional-business startups can be nurtured and find both capital, care, and community.

A co-workingn space for those in the community who want a creative, collaborative, living place to conduct their everyday work.

A place where we can grow together as believers in the marketplace through a Center for Faith and Work as well as more structured, faith-based, degreed entrepreneurial and business studies that can take place in a real work environment.

A place where the marketplace meets the mission of God in the world.

A place where what we’ve always known as “secular work” can become a truly “sacred calling.”

Learn More

If that sounds like something you would be interested in, you can find more information HERE. We are looking for investors, donors, and tenants to help us bring The Stone Table community to life.

Gospel-saturated people bringing the Kingdom and proclaiming the Kingdom through the marketplace every day. I’m all in, want to join me?