If you’ve been to Israel, you know that there are uncomfortably close quarters in places like Jerusalem. In one sweeping panorama, you can see both the Dome of the Rock, the second holiest site in Islam, and the Western Wall, the holiest site in Judaism that the Jews can still access.

Everywhere you turn there are Muslims and Jews right on top of each other. The tension is palpable, and the only answer is Jesus.

A Story

Recently, a couple of the Muslim background Christians went to their leaders and asked, “Is it really true that the Bible says we should love our enemies?” Their leaders confirmed that the Bible does indeed instruct this, so these believers proceeded to ask for copies of the New Testament in Hebrew.

They said, “If the Jews are our enemies and the Bible says to love our enemies, then we need to tell them the Good News about Jesus!” They took the Hebrew New Testaments and started sharing the Gospel with their Jewish employers and neighbors.

Now what I’m about to say may sound overblown, but it’s not only true, it’s deeply moving. Since these Muslim background Christ followers started sharing the Gospel with their Jewish neighbors, over a dozen people who were born Jews have become followers of Jesus Christ.

Prior to last year, there has never been record of a person who was born Muslim leading a person who was born Jewish to Jesus. To our knowledge, this happened for the first time in human history last spring and it has now happened over a dozen times!


We are so thankful for this move of God among Muslims, but we believe that a move of God like this should not be limited to just one people group. We believe God wants to bring revival to the Jews in this part of the world as well.

The Stone Table helped finance a project in Israel that will give us strategic access to help meet the physical needs of poor Jewish families. But it does much more than that. It gives us the opportunity to meet a much more substantial need that orthodox Jews, atheist Jews, and Muslims all share:

They all need Jesus.