Last year, we interviewed Dave Cooper, founding member of The Stone Table and President of our sister company CRF Affordable Housing, about his personal journey and the genesis of these business as mission organizations that have been impacting the Kingdom of God for over a quarter of a century. It was a beautifully written piece.

While scrolling through some old files, we discovered some additional questions and answers that were never printed. They contain some nuggets of wisdom we think are worth sharing. So this week’s blog is the “deleted scenes” on the extended play version of the story. We hope you enjoy.

ST: What advice would you give to someone just starting their career? How would you tell them to integrate their faith with their work?

DAVE: I believe that integrity is most important.  Integrity is something that you earn by showing others who you are and what you stand for.  It cannot be taken away from you, but you sure can lose it easily by not adhering to the principles you live by.  

Choose your personal relationships and professional relationships carefully. Almost every day, we hear of a company or person who has cheated in their business life or personal life and the consequences are life changing.

Live your faith at work by striving to be the best at what you do. Your employer has put trust in you and your abilities. If you are competent in your chosen career and ethical in what you say and do, you will have the opportunity to share your faith with them.

ST: What is the biggest thing God has taught you on your 50-year journey of faith and work?

DAVE: God has never promised us that our life would be a bed of roses. Testing, through tough times, will always come. Having your faith and the support of others with similar beliefs gives you the strength to persevere. If we surround ourselves with like-minded people, we gain wisdom to face difficult situations. Choose wisely who you partner with.

ST: What legacy do you hope to leave your grandchildren?

DAVE: I hope they will remember that our businesses were not built by one man, but a team of hard working, faith believing people of integrity.  I hope they will be faithful, consistent, and excellent in every task no matter how menial it is because that is what brings lifelong success, and also brings glory to God.