Missional Marketplace S1 E4: What Is Your Work Theology?

What is your work theology?
May 24, 2022
By: The Stone Table
What is your Theology of Work? You have one even if you can’t articulate it. For many of us, our work theology is more assumed than taught. Work must be the result of The Fall. Adam and Eve screwed up paradise and we all got stuck with a mediocre 8-5 as part of their punishment. So work is just this thing we have to endure to support our families until Jesus comes back and finally banishes this thing called work to hell with the devil and all his minions. Does that feel familiar at all?

Thanks for listening to Episode 4 of The Missional Marketplace Podcast with Erik and Darren Cooper! In this episode, the brothers discuss work theology and discover the divine purpose for those that work in the marketplace. We also get to hear the story of Ryan Crozier, a pastor and an entrepreneur. The Lord ultimately led Ryan to the mission field utilizing his passion for both the Gospel and the marketplace to push the Kingdom of God forward in Eastern Europe.

Agency Boon is a full-scale marketing agency that is driven by an underlying passion for the people of Romania. We think Ryan’s story and perspective will encourage you to embrace your everyday work as part of God’s Great Story.

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