I have incredible childhood memories of church camp. Some of my most formative spiritual experiences happened in an old airplane hanger turned sanctuary in rural Indiana. I’m grateful for them all. Even one that created a bit of an unintentional dichotomy for me. Maybe you can relate.

Each evening service featured a different focus – salvation, discipleship, evangelism, etc. – but it was “called into ministry” night that I remember most vividly. The evangelist would ask, “who here is called into full-time ministry?” Usually, 10% of the sweaty teenage congregation would raise their hands and be invited down to the altar, where the rest of us would gather around them to pray.

When we finished, I walked back to my seat carrying a natural assumption. My lack of “calling” means I’m destined for secular work. My job is to volunteer as an usher, choir member, or Sunday School teacher at my church, and then go to work all week to make money so I can give it to the people called into actual ministry.

Now don’t get me wrong, there is something very special about the ecclesiastical work of the church. All of us are called to stewardship, generosity, and the support of our pastoral leaders. My objective isn’t to minimize church ministry (I spent 12 years as a pastor myself), it’s to elevate the sacredness of all work.

Intentionally or unintentionally, we have fostered an unbiblical dualism in the Christian life. As part of our vision, The Stone Table wants to help entrepreneurs, business leaders, employees, even stay-at-home parents – those who work in the marketplace in any way shape or form – to understand and embrace the Gospel in their everyday work.

What might this look like as The Stone Table develops?

  • Workshops, classes, and events built around Faith, Work, Business, and Mission
  • Co-working office and event space where like-minded organizations can rub shoulders while they work
  • Missions opportunities aimed at connecting your specific skill set (not just your dollars) with the needs of the global church

Yes, we want you to maximize your dollars (link to other article), but we also want to empower and harness the work itself, not just the resources it creates. We believe we can do just that. Together.

Click below to hear a sermon from The Stone Table president, Erik Cooper, on Faith & Work.