What if God wasn’t in a hurry?

What if the waiting is part of His plan?

What if delay doesn’t mean denial?

Humanity tends to gravitate toward the quick solution. If it can be cooked faster, delivered faster, or fixed faster, we’re all in. But this is just one of the infinite ways that God is different from us. God has no problem taking His time. He loves to work in ways that don’t match our manic schedule. He isn’t always the God of the immediate, but His timing is always perfect.

The stories in God of the Long View reveal a Creator who does marvelous, miraculous, instantaneous things! But they also reveal a God who is just as content to work over decades, lifetimes, even centuries to heal, save, and build His Church. This book explores the God who is active even when we can’t see Him designing blueprints that span generations in order to accomplish His will.

God of the Long View will inspire believers and skeptics alike. The Creator is orchestrating His epic narrative! We may not fully see it today, but rest assured, His agenda is worth waiting for.