Business as Mission is the perfect mechanism for both embodying and proclaiming the Gospel all over the world, but we are seeing unique impact with this strategy among unreached people groups. At its core, business is about adding value to people’s lives, meeting a need that they cannot meet for themselves. Through business, we can generate financial and relational resources that give the Gospel the platform to penetrate hearts and minds.

We ask for occasional updates from our BAM missionary partners and recently received this message from a team leader in a Muslim majority country. This team is using English language education as a way to add real value to the community, employ local Muslim staff, create ongoing revenue to support their work, and plant the church among the unreached. Check it out.


From the Field:

We recently hosted a dinner at our BAM business to honor the local staff that work there with us. We baked lasagna and brownies, served them salad and garlic bread, lit candles and put vases of flowers on the tables. We took time with each staff member to speak public affirmations over them in their first language as we gave them a small gift. Each staff member took time to thank us, too. It was such a sweet time together.

At the end of our evening one staff member stood up and declared, “One thing we have learned is that we can trust someone who says they are a Christian who is a Follower of Jesus.”

“So true, so true! If they say they are a Follower of Jesus, you can trust them,” another staff member stood up and agreed.

We couldn’t be more grateful for such a good first year at our BAM business. The classes were successful and it’s been a great place to love on the people in our country of service. We look forward to the fall and beginning our second year here.


Stories like this are happening all over the world today. The marketplace is providing a viable avenue for sharing Christ and planting the Church among the unreached. Will you take a moment right now and pray for the countless business as mission teams reaching the unreached around the world?