Author: Scott Brown

Retire To Something

In this episode, we learned about the concept of retirement. Not from our typical Western perspective, but rather from a place of understanding that work is not the enemy, that we aren’t just running to the finish line, and that retirement actually isn’t in the Bible! 

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Nitty Gritty Glory to God

In episode 7 of the Missional Marketplace Podcast, “Can You Fire Someone to the Glory of God?”, we explored this very question, unwrapping the relevance of whether or not we can “do all things as unto Christ” even in hiring & firing employees.

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Often cast as the enemy of all small businesses, elementary schools, and after school programs, the businessman has been portrayed as the greedy Hollywood antihero for decades. However, this unfortunate representation of business, and its leaders, is merely a reflection of its counterfeit image.

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