Author: Scott Brown

Workism: Working Without Rest

Workism is based on a value-system of productivity and our ability to get things done. It might make us look really good- we might have good grades, high standards, or a maxed-out margin of productivity- but in reality, our work has become an idol in our lives above God Himself. Workism is not rest. We are needy people that require rest and must rely on Jesus alone as our strength.

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Workism the Barrier

Sin separates us from God. Therefore, we as Christians must be diligent to both hate & eradicate sin in our lives because we don’t want to be cut off from the fullness of God in our lives. Workism is one such sin. It is a form of idolatry that promotes self-worship and worship of our work. This is a 21st century reproduction of an ancient sin that has existed since Adam & Eve were in the garden. What can we do today to bring awareness to the influence of workism, eradicate it, and prevent it from coming back in our lives today?

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