Let me say something that might be a bit controversial in the 21st Century West where even some believers have begun to question the moral merits of evangelism:

The Great Commission does not say “Go and do good things among all nations.”

As a huge proponent of faith and work, the sacredness of the marketplace, and Business as Mission, I’m thrilled to see a holistic gospel understanding taking root today. The Gospel redeems all things, including the work of our hands (Colossians 1:19-20). Through Christ, the Kingdom of God becomes the redeeming and resurrecting force in every sphere of our global society. Where the true reign of Jesus begins to spread, “good things” undoubtedly happen.

But as believers, our objective is not just to spread “good” in this world. It’s to proclaim Jesus. The Great Commission mandate is to preach the Good News (Mark 16:15) and make disciples among all nations (Matthew 28:19).

Social entrepreneurship is a hot trend today. Creative people, both inside and outside of the faith, are beginning to reawaken to the powerful effect the marketplace can have on the social fabric of society. This “common grace” is beautiful and God-honoring in so many ways.

But what makes us different? What takes us deeper than the world is capable of going? What cuts to the core and truly brings resurrection life?

It’s Jesus.

As Jesus went from town to town, he healed people and fed people – he addressed the very real physical struggles and issues they faced living in a world broken by sin – but He always “proclaimed the Kingdom.” He did good and preached the Good News. We must do the same.

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