Merry Christmas from The Stone Table. Let’s not forget what this year is truly about.

Transcription: Merry Christmas friends. I absolutely love this time of year. I’ve always loved this time of year, but I think as I’ve gotten older, I’ve gotten a little bit sappier and even a little more weepy this time of year because ‘ve grown to feel the weight of what the Christmas season really means, and I think all of us understand there’s something that’s just not right with the world that that even when good things happen, they’re not ultimately fulfilling. And even when the world is going in a way that we would like it to go. There there’s still just this sense that that were broken, that something is not quite right, and so even as believers we spend so much of our lives, our early lives just trying to make a name for ourselves trying to create an identity for ourselves and in essence trying to save ourselves from the brokenness. From which we see in this world, and I think for me, as I’ve gotten older, I’ve just realized the longer I live. I just realized the futility of all the self-salvation efforts. And so, as we come into this Christmas season, and I realize that all my efforts, all of humanity’s efforts to reach up to God to, to fix what is wrong with us to just make right what we sense is wrong in the world. All of those things have not worked, and they’ve never worked over the history of the world. But as we look at Christmas, we realize that when we could not get to God when we could not fix what is wrong with us when we could not climb up to him? That God came for us. In Scripture tells us that the word was made flesh and dwelt among us. You know in Genesis 3; sin broke our fellowship with the Lord and ever since then we’ve been trying to make that right and make that connection again. But friends, we can’t get to God. But God came for us, and that is the deep, meaningful purpose of this season, and let that wash over you as we head towards December 25th this year, as we celebrate the coming of Christ, when we couldn’t get to God. God came for us, my friends. This is the beautiful news of the Gospel at Christmastime.