Merry Christmas from The Stone Table!  Make it a “withness” Christmas this year!

Brainstorm some ways you can use this Christmas season to reach unreached people groups and make a difference in people’s lives.

We pray you have an incredible Christmas season and look forward to the upcoming year!


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Christmas is with ness, witness. If we look at the great story or the meta narrative or the story arc of God that we see in Scripture, we see that God created a gay function to the world, that the Earth itself was his temple, it was the meeting place of God and man, and that then sin, mankind’s sin and rebellion actually created separation. And so, what we see over the whole story arc of Scripture is this, this pursuit of, of a loving, passionate God and His prodigal children, and that comes to a head so to speak. at Christmas time, it comes to a head when God Himself pursues or comes down, does not say to his sinful mankind, climb up here to me, but no, he comes for us. He comes after us. And that is what Christmas is. It is the beginning of the reestablishment of the width of connection between God and mankind. And that is one of the things we all need to stop and ponder and celebrate. Scripture calls Jesus Emmanuelle, which means God is with us that once again God is establishing his presence and his connection with mankind. And I love how john says, john chapter one says, The Word became flesh and dwelt among us or how Eugene Peterson put it in the message, which I love. It says the Word became flesh and moved into the neighborhood, moved into the neighborhood. This is the joy of Christmas and this is what we celebrate. At this time of year is the width ness that once again through Christ, sin separates Jesus reunites through Christ, we see the reuniting the witness of God and man once again, connecting the way we were designed to connect and that is the glory of Christmas that God came down. Christmas is with NES Emmanuel; God is with us. And so, with that, we just want to say Merry Christmas from all of us here at the stone table. We are grateful for you and pray that you have an incredible Christmas season of celebrating the witness of God through Jesus Christ, the manual