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What does The Stone Table do?
Ultimately, we create and raise funds for missions. But beyond money alone, we also serve the church in the area of faith and work, helping to shape a healthy work theology and an understanding of how the Gospel redeems all things, including the everyday work of our hands.
How do you choose the missions projects you give to each year?
Our leadership team evaluates available giving opportunities with the following priorities: Is it Gospel-centric (does it lead people to Jesus)? Is it church planting or church empowering? Does it focus on Unreached People Groups (UPGs)? Does it utilize business as mission or other sustainable methodology?
Who are your strategic partners and how do I become one?
We are a highly relational organization and desire The Stone Table to become a gathering place of strategic friends. Our current partners can be found on our Home and have developed over time through a direct, personal connection. If you’re interested in partnering with us, either as a business, church, or missions organization, please contact us so we can begin a conversation.
Do you accept donations?
Yes! We are a 501(c)3 charitable organization that can take tax-deductible contributions. If you, your church, or your business are interested in giving through The Stone Table, please contact us for more information.
We already have a missions program. Can we still work together?
Yes! The Stone Table is not looking to take over your missions program, but to walk with you as a strategic connection to 21st Century, Gospel-centric missions work around the world.
What is work theology, and why is it weak in the Christian community?
We confuse God’s vocational calling for those in the marketplace. Their ministry is defined as volunteering at their church or simply making the money to give to those doing the truly “sacred” work. That picture is incomplete and unbiblical. Good work theology helps believers in non-church work to understand the sacredness of their 8 to 5 calling and how God uses all of us to cultivate His world for His glory and the love of our neighbors.
Missions is changing, how is The Stone Table meeting these changes?
The world is changing rapidly. The middle class is rising, the majority world church is maturing, urbanization and technology are radically transforming how we interact, and the center of Christianity is shifting away from the postmodern West. The way we do missions has to change, too. The Stone Table sees the connection between business and mission as a huge opportunity. We want to be there on the front line, seeing the same Gospel proclaimed in new ways in this new day.
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