The B4T Canvas: Part 1

If you’ve ever developed a business plan, you’re probably familiar with the overwhelming task of researching, writing, and late nights drinking copious amounts of coffee or whatever your favorite energy drink is just to stay sane amidst the never-ending process. On...
Weekly Newsletter: Living in the Dissonance of the In-Between

Weekly Newsletter: Activate Your Whole Life

If we’re going to see the Great Commission fulfilled in our lifetime, we have to tackle the crippling power of the Sacred-Secular Divide. This heresy has left so many of us on the Kingdom sidelines 40-50 hours a week, living as if our spiritual life and our...
Nitty Gritty Glory to God

Nitty Gritty Glory to God

In episode 7 of the Missional Marketplace Podcast, “Can You Fire Someone to the Glory of God?”, we explored this very question, unwrapping the relevance of whether or not we can “do all things as unto Christ” even in hiring & firing employees. Hiring When we view...


Episode 6 of The Missional Marketplace Podcast addressed the traditional comic villain, the businessman. Dun, dun, duunnn.  Often cast as the enemy of all small businesses, elementary schools, and after school programs, the businessman has been portrayed as the greedy...


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