Unique Value Proposition (UVP) is a business term used to clearly describe the specific benefit an organization or product offers to the market. While it seems sort of blasphemous to ask about the Gospel’s UVP, I hope you’ll put down your stones for a second and let me develop this thought a bit more.

What is it that makes the Gospel unique?

In a world obsessed with endless how-to manuals and self-help gurus, it’s easy to think of Christianity as just one of a limitless number of selections in the “your best life now” market. But the Gospel is not just Oprah or Tony Robbins dressed up in religious clothing. The Gospel is not “do this and everything will be better.” The Gospel is not “here is the secret to your success.” The Gospel is not “5 ways to be thin in Jesus in 30 days.”

The Gospel is “you can’t, so Jesus did.” It’s the opposite of self-help.

The Gospel’s unique value proposition is simple: it is the only way to make right what is wrong with you and me. There is no other. Every other self-improvement endeavor, religious or secular, seeks to unlock some new secret or technique to better myself. Jesus says “stop striving and put your full trust in my finished work on your behalf.”

As we embrace this new week, in our homes, in the office, in our neighborhood and community, let’s allow our manic self-help efforts to be swallowed up in by the finished work of Jesus. The Gospel is not just “therapy” to help us cope, the Gospel is power to heal, resurrect, and transform. You can’t, so God did. Everything beautiful in our lives grows from there. Have a great week!

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